InSinkErator Vs Waste King

A garbage disposal is a convenient kitchen appliance that grinds up food waste and flushes it into the sewage drains. This makes it easier for households to deal with their daily food waste and prevents blocked drains from being a serious problem.

However, not all brands of garbage disposals are created equal. While both Waste King and InSinkErator make high-quality disposers, there are some differences between the two brands that you should be aware of before you decide which one to purchase.

InSinkErator is a Wisconsin-based company that invented the first garbage disposal back in 1927 and has become a household name over time. The company now produces a wide range of household garbage disposals as well as instant hot water taps. The company is known for its innovative technology including SoundSeal and anti-vibration features which reduce noise levels.

Moreover, the company has also incorporated a one-of-a-kind mechanism in its Evolution and Badger series disposers where the disposal goes through multiple grinding stages to ensure that the waste is shredded into very small pieces. This prevents food particles from clogging the drainage system and allows the disposal to work at a much faster rate.

Despite these innovations, some of the issues that InSinkErator disposers are known to have include problems with clogs and jams that can be difficult to fix. In addition, the company’s plastic-based garbage disposals are known to be less durable than metal and stainless steel models.

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