Pilates in the Fairy Meadow

The Blissed Out Movement studio is spread over 2 custom built rooms. Starting in a small space with lockers and seating you move into a reformer pilates room with 7 reformers. This is followed by a large mat pilates and yoga studio complete with mats, magic circles, therabands and more. Sarah and her team of teachers offer reformer pilates, mat pilates, barre & yoga classes 7 days a week. The 9.30am classes are perfect for after school / daycare drop off and the evening ones are great when your partner gets home from work.

Achieve total body conditioning with safe, low impact pilates fairy meadow yoga & fitball fitness exercises. Improve core/body strength, flexibility, posture & balance.

Pilates principles are based on achieving “Neutral Spine” (optimal posture) and activating the deep stabilising muscles of your pelvis & lower back (transversus abdominis). These are fundamental in every movement and should be integrated into all Pilates exercise. When activated correctly they act like a corset stabilising your spine, protecting your lower back and pelvis from injury. To achieve these muscles you need to activate your rib cage, engage your stomach and lift your shoulders off the floor.

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