Shutters Gateshead

Shutters gateshead are a fantastic contemporary addition to any home, not only do they add instant style but also offer a host of practical benefits. Unlike other window dressings that are often fabric based, shutters do not harbour allergens such as dust mites and pollen and can be easily cleaned with a simple damp cloth.

Here in this Gateshead property, full height shutters are used to stunning effect within the bedrooms and living room, bringing elegance to the space while offering ultimate control over light and privacy from their tilting slats. They are a fantastic choice for Bay Windows and work exceptionally well when used in conjunction with traditional window layouts.

A recent installation in this Gateshead property highlights the versatility of window shutters and how they can be utilised to great effect within a range of interior styles. Here the shutters are positioned on the ground floor of the property and have been used to create serious kerb appeal as well as adding a modern feel to the interior layout.

The shutters here have been crafted from our Java range which is a fantastic choice for rooms that have increased exposure to moisture such as bathrooms and kitchens. Crafted from high-grade ABS, a strong and durable plastic that is shock absorbent, Java shutters are water-resistant and are easy to clean meaning they will not be affected by condensation or humidity. Shutters gateshead

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