Sex Addiction Symptoms

If you find that your desire for sexual pleasure causes negative consequences in your life such as damage to a relationship, financial difficulties or work performance, then you may be suffering from sex addiction. You can get treatment for sex addiction by finding a therapist who specializes in the field and speaking with them. Some therapies might also involve medication. Often, sex addiction is caused by unresolved trauma. A therapist will help you to identify the source of your trauma and understand how it affects your sex addiction.

Often, people with sex addiction have chronic thoughts about sexual fantasies and urges that are out of their control. These obsessions can cause them to neglect responsibilities such as job duties or family commitments and engage in inappropriate sexual behavior that is not consensual. They might be secretive about their behavior or spend a lot of time engaging in sex-related activities such as pornography, phone sex, masturbation and extramarital affairs.

Sex addiction symptoms might include paraphilias such as exhibitionism (exposing genitals), voyeurism and sadomasochism (sexual pleasure from inflicting pain or humiliation on others). Some sex addicts have sexual feelings toward children. A sex addiction can also be manifested by masturbation or other sexual behaviors when alone such as using the computer to watch pornography.

While there are no sex addiction recovery programs specifically designed for the condition, look for one that addresses behavioral addictions or compulsive behavior. These will likely involve group meetings, similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, where you share your experiences and provide support to other members of the program. They will teach you to manage your urges and compulsions in healthy ways and provide tools for long-term success.

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